How Joey Pipia fools you.

Posted on Apr 10, 2018 by Joey

Well, here's one way..

Ever wonder how someone like me can be in front of audience, whether performing my theater show, up close at a company event, or just in front of friends at a party, and fool your pants off?

The Power of Habit,” by Charles Duhigg explains some of what's going on inside our head; literally what's going on in our brain. According to Duhigg, recent discoveries suggest that our brain actually creates patterns that become part of your response to stimuli.

In other words, our brain uses stimuli that, when repeated, set off or DON'T SET OFF alarms. These patterns are what become our habits.

In two of my favorite stories from the book we learn the tale of a murderer and a gambler. Both driven by habit. One gets set free, the other is found guilty.

Brian Thomas murders his wife in Wales while on vacation. He is able to convince the jury that he wasn't aware he murdered his wife during what is known as a “sleep terror,” a kind of nightmare mixed with sleepwalking, because it was a habit for which he was not responsible.

The other, Angie Bachmann, an American woman, gambles her life away. Her house, her inheritance. Everything. She claims Harrah's Corporation preyed on her knowing she has a bad gambling habit. Interesting here is a recent science discovery that revealed that people like Bachmann's brain react differently to the same stimuli that most of the rest of us do.

The supreme court said that didn't matter, and Bachmann needs to pay Harrahs.

What does this have to do with magic, and how we fool you. Here's one my favorite explanations of why:

If I point with my hand, an adult will look to where I point, a child will look at my hand, and dog will come up and sniff it.

Habits, and how much we able to learn, make that happen.