Carpe Deceptum!

Posted on Apr 19, 2018 by Joey

Yes, I made up that phrase.

An association of hospital professionals hired me to entertain at their corporate retreat this past week at a fancy resort. About 50 people were in the audience.

A gentleman asked me after the show, “how did you to that?!”

This is a question I get asked with a great deal of frequency. “I can't tell you, of course,” is the short answer. I asked gentlemen if he had time for the long answer. He said he did, and I gave it to him then, and that's what you're getting here now.

In this world, there a precious few times when I am in a state of wonder. Complete abandonment of reality. Those moments are few and far between. You could easily think that with the amazing technological advances in computers, and the interconnectedness of world – things like that – you'd expect I'd be in a constant state of wonder.

From where I stand, the opposite has happened. I think we've all become jaded. Almost inured.

When asked, “how did you do that?!” here is my long answer:

So little causes us to be surprised. We expect the impossible because it happens every day. Driverless cars, the internet, computers, and the list goes on. What was once extraordinary is now an everyday occurrence.

So, when a person is fooled, or in a state of, what I call, Carpe Deceptum, by a piece of magic with some normal, everyday object – say a handkerchief, or playing cards – if I tell how it's done, I'll be stealing that moment.

People have come up to me and said they still have the playing cards I left them twenty years ago. “Pinned to a bulletin board,” I remember one woman saying. She smiled as she remembered that moment.

And, while I can't be certain, I bet she asked me how I did it.