Posted on Jan 18, 2019 by Joey

Yes it does...

Everyone should be doing something like this. The world would be a better place. This is not an ad, but a shout-out about, RainWorks, and their awesome company. I don't know the owner, and I get nothing for this.

The tagline on the website reads: “Our goal is to turn rainy days into a reason to smile.” When you do a Google Search, the heading says, “Rain activated Positive Messages and Art”

At the site you learn that RainWorks is a paint that can be sprayed on a surface. When it dries it's invisible. When the surface gets wet it's visible. From a magician's point of view this is awesome.

There are several happenings on the video on the site. Here's a sampling: an emptying bucket of water reveals a hopscotch board, a city sidewalk that says, “never grow up”, a small child pouring water wondering what it will be.

This is a spray paint. You can order a small two ounce bottle, or the large sixteen ounce. There is a large stencil kit, so you can make your own. The video shows a heart and dragon, but I bet there's more.

I'm a fan of just this kind of thing.

Thanks RainWorks!