Hitting The Bull's Eye

Posted on Feb 07, 2019 by Joey

Every time!

I've never thought of this: the notion of a “bull's eye” as a measure of success. It makes total sense when you think about it.

Just yesterday my daughter shared a blog post that showed an old “Nancy” cartoon that depicts Nancy failing to hit a bull's eye with her bow and arrow while shooting at a target. In despair, Nancy decides to paint a bull's eye around the arrow that is already stuck to the target.

Below this is the following quote:

“Instead of shooting arrows at someone else’s target, which I’ve never been very good at, I make my own target around wherever my arrow happens to have landed. You shoot your arrow and then you paint your bulls eye around it, and therefore you have hit the target dead centre.”

-Brian Eno

Above both of these is the following:

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see.”

—Arthur Schopenhauer

Life never ceases to amaze me. Never.