Our Little Secret...

Posted on Feb 20, 2019 by Joey


Here's a little secret I should NOT be telling you. Sometimes things that we magicians do are described in ways that hide some of the details, and in fact, often exaggerate the results.

I do a a version of the classic three cups and balls. I do it with a single coffee cup and several small jingle bells. In fact, I bet some of you reading this have seen this. It's one of trademark pieces.

One time I was doing this for a group of people, and a friend who had seen it before. The finale I produce a very large bell, from inside the coffee cup. The friend said to the group, “wait till he make the giant bell appear!”

I told my friend that this was the giant bell, and he refused to believe me. It wasn't the way he remembered the effect.

At brainblogger. Com here is a definition of this situation: Memory is a faulty reconstruction of our mental experiences, susceptible to being influenced by our prior knowledge, beliefs, goals, mental state, emotions, and social context.

Thank you for your faulty memory!