I Had NO Idea!

Posted on Mar 07, 2019 by Joey


Phina and I perform as, The Psychic Dynasty: The World's Only Father/Daughter Mindreading Team. I've done a lot of research into the history of this type of act. I've availed myself to, what I thought was, every conceivable group and individual who are known to have perform this kind of magic.

I've put a great amount of time creating original versions of many classics and built up several completely new ways to entertain an audience who are there to see a mind reading duo.

I was stunned to learn about a team, husband and wife, who were the toast of Australia in the 1950's! The Piddingtons were a sensation to say the least. And at the height of their career, some 20 million people tuned in to LISTEN their act on weekly BBC Radio show

The story of The Piddington's journey from unknown to legend is detailed in an episode of RadioLab from 2014. A young man finds out that his grandma was a famous mindreader. You know, my grandma told me lots of things, but never that she was famous mentalist.