He Said It!

Posted on Apr 06, 2019 by Joey

Not I...

I'm always compelled to read an article when the subject is the science of magic. There's a great aritcle in The Guardian Newspaper this past week. In fact, the title is, “Mind games: what magic reveals about how our brains work”.

A great reminder that, according to the article, “magic has never lost its appeal, and even in our modern lives, which are dominated by science and technology, we are still captivated by experiencing things we believe to be impossible.”

Written by Gustav Khun, we learn that he traded in him magic cape for a lab coat: he did his PHD in consciousness. Indeed, this guy is the real deal. His book, Experiencing the Impossible: The Science of Magic, is his latest sojourn into the similiarity bewtween, you guessed it, science and magic.

Last year I posted about Teller and his recent work with scientists and about how much of what we do as magicians – to maintain attention, or direct attention – is a surprising discovery. Not to magicians, but to scientists.