This Is Happening Right Now.

Posted on Apr 17, 2019 by Joey

In London...

“The exhibition takes people on a journey of the world’s greatest magicians, such as Harry Houdini, Harry Price and David Devant, and the magic books that influenced them.” So says the landing page of this new exhibit in at the Senate House Library, University of London.

Yes, it's a long way to go for us, but if you're over that, and you're reading this, please go and tell us!

Not sure you know about the history of magic and England. In fact, well before the turn of the last, last century, the late 1800's, magic was enjoying some spectacular popularity over there. “The Egyptian Hall” (an exhibition hall built in the Egyptian style) housed the work of the Maskelynes. Nevil Maskelyne enjoyed a run of 31 years.

Maskelyne and Devant (Nevil's partner in “crime” at the Egyptian Hall) compiled their collective experience in the release of the book, “Our Magic,” a copy of which sits on my bookshelf.

The exhibition, which runs January to June, promises to explore “five interconnected themes: Magic's Spell on Society, Magic and Innovation, Masters of Magic and their Influence, Harry Price and his Magical Library, and Magic for All.

Harry Price was a British psychic debunker.