Magic Over There!

Posted on Apr 28, 2019 by Joey

Great Britain, of course...

Magic must be really happening over there! I'm referring to Great Britain, of course.

Two completely different exhibits at the same time: one at the University of London (I wrote about this last week), the other at the Wellcome Collection.

The Wellcome Collection, according to it's website, is, “The free museum and library for the incurably curious”.

The exhibit at the Wellcome Collection is called, “Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic” and this is more in line with the BBC article I wrote about a couple of blogs ago. In fact, the Wellcome website goes on to say, “What can magic and conjuring tell us about the human mind? Our new exhibition brings together the worlds of psychology and entertainment in search of the truth about deception”.

This exhibition runs 11 April 2019—15 September 2019.

Ah, to be there!

Like I said last week, if you go, give me a shout!