Posted on May 09, 2019 by Joey

Burgers? Yes!

When ever I see (or listen as is the case on this one) the word, impossible, my ears perk up. About a week ago I heard a report on the radio that is the subject of this post. Yes, people do still listen! Anyway, a gentleman used the word, impossible, and I became instantly aware.

I was listening to Freakonomics Radio and this fellow being interviewed said he wanted to create a burger that was meat free, cost less than beef, and would be better for the environment. Indeed, an impossible burger.

I know something about impossible, and there have been even more reports about this particular company, “Impossible Foods”. When I'm creating a new piece magic, I often start with a premise that is impossible. When I get lucky, a new effect can be born.

I've not had the chance to taste the Impossible burger, and not sure when that will happen. The roll out is happening now, and there is only one other company offering a similar product. Below is the link to the, “Impossible Foods,” website.