Not A Secret!

Posted on May 18, 2019 by Joey

It's Just Not.

This is about something that is not amazing. Not a new exhibit. Not an ingenious fake. Instead, this post is simply me asking, “what's up with this?”

I'm referring to THREE recent articles in DIFFERENT publications about something the public can't access. William Kalush, according to the first article, “We don’t accept walk-ins or give tours because it’s all we would ever do. We accept researchers involved in research projects.” And, of course, working magicians.

According to Kalush, “my life's work is for the express use of working magicians looking to up their repertoires and to research forgotten techniques”. That quote is from the New York Post article, “The Ultimate Keeper of Secrets on Timeless Magic Tricks”.

This article is about mostly Bill, but also, the Conjuring Arts Research Center library in Manhattan, a unique library housing many hundreds of books (and ephemera) dating back centuries.

A SECOND article about the Conjuring Arts Research Center library appeared in an online article with “Manhattan's hidden library of magic,” in the title.

Indeed, a THIRD article appeared revealing this fact about the same library in Manhattan, “It is in the center of the library, in a windowless room under lock and key, that lies the true treasure of this remarkable place; the rare-book room”.

Such reverence.

I tend to not use all caps, but I want to make a point, and some of the places where I post don't allow italics.

I find myself non-plussed by all the fuss over a library that few of us will ever get to use!